About Us


An amalgamation of Varanasi’s rich cultural heritage with a contemporary touch to it, Hi!Pranam is your go-to option to experience the luxury of solitude. An expedition with HI!PRANAM is a combination of majestic grandeur and the rich culture/specialties of Varanasi. Float with us along the Ganga to relax and unwind in our boats and experience the opulence of Hi!PRANAM. Your first step on the bajra and you will be in awe of the artistic touches and splendid customized arrangements that set us apart and make it an affair for you to cherish forever.   

Our mesmerizing open-to-sky seating is as much a pleasure on a beautiful sunny morning as on a star filled night. The numerous enjoyable leisure activities fused with age old Banarasi flavors is what makes us unique and all the more special.      

The low seating with highest quality linens, delicious onboard dining, coupled with your choice of carefully curated entertainment and celebrations; every element is designed keeping your ultimate comfort and pleasure in mind.

Come and join us for an experience of a lifetime along the ghats of the oldest living city in the world. Hop on to get a taste of the eternal peace and assured enlightenment that the holy waters of the river Ganges have to offer. All this customized every single time, just for you to the best of your expectations.