Why Choose Us


Our team at ‘HI!Pranam’ offers the best, hassle-free experience along the ghats of Banaras. It is not just a boat ride that we are offering. It is the feel of ancient Banaras that we are aiming at and wish to give you in your time with us. Along with the services for all your moods and occasions, comes the Banarasi cuisine complimenting other cuisines, one might have had only a virtual taste of.  We make sure to curate only according to the better visionary understanding of how a client would like their time to go about. We wish to offer and maintain one of a kind ‘entrepreneur-clientele’ relationship.   

Your safety is our concern. We make sure to take every precautionary measure to host you onboard. And our service providers are well equipped and trained for any emergency situation that might arise mid-water. We believe in fair pricing as no middle man is involved between you and our service providers. You should choose to choose us for the way we treat you. We are constantly looking for ways to make your day as memorable as possible.